About PPC Live



PPC Live started because post-UK lockdown, I [Anu] was excited to go back to in-person events.


Post-UK lockdown, I [Anu] was excited to go back to in-person events.

I even spoke at BrightonSEO’s Search Advertising (aka PPC) track. But I thought – why am I speaking Paid Search at an SEO conference? Where are the PPC conferences? So I thought, why not create one, and that’s exactly what I did.

Besides there being no other PPC conferences – I also wanted to create a space where practitioners would feel welcome to learn and gain new knowledge on how to test strategies and not feel like they had to break the bank account to pay for access. Therefore price tag is only £15.

I’m proud of the support and encouragement of my event, and thankfully because of past speaking engagements + connections with my community, it was easy to get the line-up of my first 4 events. If you’d like to join or discuss working together, whether as a speaker or a sponsor even, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Our Values

Safe Space

We endeavour to create a space for unashamed curiosity. We want everyone to feel welcome and that all their questions are valid. Anyone making others feel otherwise will be ejected from the event.

Interesting Topics

We shall ensure the topics our speakers focus on are of a high standard where you feel you have truly learned something you would most likely not have figured out on your own.


At PPC Live UK we shall introduce you to first-time speakers. We will be as diverse as possible in gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and race. Nothing about what makes you, you will be a barrier.

Expert Speakers

Speakers will be industry-leading passionate experts in their specialized area of Paid Search. Not just those with a social media presence.

Past Attendees

Some of the past delegates we've loved hosting!