PPC Live #11


Speakers confirmed: Zak MacklinChris JonesClaire Stanley-Manock

Our speakers are a mixture of those who have been speaking for many years, who have set up their own amazingly successful events, as well as brand new faces to the speaking stage and all fantastic experts.

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PPC Live #11


5.30 pm: Arrival and drinks

6 pm: Introduction to PPC Live from Anu

6.15 pm: Talk 1 – Technical PPC – Using Business Data to Build Strategies, Zak Maklin (Senior Data Consultant at Vervaunt)

6.45 pm: Talk 2 – Innovate with Purpose: Data Integration for PPC Campaigns Built on Strong Foundations, Chris Jones (Senior PPC Analyst at Journey Further)

7.15 pm: Talk 3 – How to win at PPC / paid media in 2024 from a measurement, AI, Creatives point of view, Claire Stanley-Manock (Paid Media Director at Connective3)

7.45 pm: Pizza + drinks + networking

8.30 pm: Panel discussion

9 pm: Networking till end


When the event is done, we'll send you the assets!



A fantastic event to meet some of the best minds in PPC in and around London and understand what's going on in a fast-moving industry. You will come away with plenty of tips and ideas to work on your own accounts as well as build your network of people who work in the Paid Media space. I have attended three times in the last year, including speaking at their most recent one, and every time I have come away with renewed energy and motivation to do great things in this space.
Inderpaul Rai
Group Account Director (WeDiscover)
If you're in PPC or performance marketing, then this is THE event for you Filled with like minded professionals and led by the very lovely and talented Anu, who I have had the pleasure of working with before. Each session has a different agenda and great guest speakers so lots to take away from each session, as well as the opportunity to network with people in the same industry.
Alan Eves-Vaziri
Senior Online Manager (Wenta)
I've never attended an event like this. The atmosphere is light, friendly, and warm, and the topics of the talks range from the most nitty gritty of best practice factors to the psychology of marketing; a real mix so there's something for everyone. This is honestly, the only event I have attended more than once in my 15 year career. If you're considering attending an industry event, a networking meeting, meeting some great people, or learning a little more, THIS is the event for you. I can promise you won't regret it. Tickets are incredibly cheap in comparison to other events, especially when you consider the food and drink provided, and the awesome venue. Cannot praise the PPC Live event enough.
Niki Grant
Partner Support Director (ClickTech)
I've attended 2 of the PPC Live UK events in the last year, and think they're great. The speakers are always different, with different backgrounds and experiences, meaning topics are varied and presentations very different too. Content is good and presentations are engaging as they deal with the main topics of the day in the industry (Performance Max and GA4 to name 2). The locations & venues are also nice and the tickets are very affordable. Thanks to Anu for organising these !
Greg Asquith
Technology Consultant (Self-Employed)
I was invited to speak at the PPC Live UK in September 2022 and the entire experience was amazing. The audience was welcoming, engaged and friendly. Anu and the hosting team were supportive, knowledgeable and accommodating and the view from the venue (Jellyfish HQ at the Shard) was amazing! There's was a bit of a queue and crowding issues during the dinner break that caused a delay for attendees to return to their seats for the post-dinner talks but this was a minor problem.
Chris Ridley
Paid Media Manager (Evoluted)
The event was in amazing location and since I was travelling from Italy i particularly enjoyed this. The talks were extremely interesting and some of them covered advanced topics. The general vibe of the event was amazing. I met interesting people and enjoyed the chat and pizza at the end. I hope to attend again, it would me a great excuse to come back to London.
Enrica Campana
Digital Strategy & Web Advertising (Self-Employed)
PPC Live #11


Zak Macklin


Senior Data Consultant

Zak started as the Senior Paid Media Consultant at Vervaunt in December 2020. He previously worked as an Account Manager for a large media agency and in-house for a games retailer. He specialises in technical marketing.

Talk outline: As performance marketing evolves, we need to develop strategies that enhance the platform’s ability to drive revenue. Taking into account data points that Google doesn’t have access to can help accelerate performance. In this talk, Zak will discuss some of his tried-and-tested PMax strategies using data points beyond Google’s reach.

Chris is currently a Senior PPC Analyst at Journey Further, bringing experience from previous roles at Journey Further, Awaze, Damart UK and Jet2.com. Chris Jones holds a 2004 – 2008 BA (Hons) in Business (with Professional Experience) at the University of Hull. With a robust skill set that includes Engineering, Recruiting, Microsoft Office, Research and more,

Title outline: Data integration for PPC campaigns needs to be built on strong foundations. In his talk, Chris will show us how he and his team transformed Boots Hearingcare’s PPC performance using innovative data solutions built on excellent PPC fundamentals.

Chris Jones

Journey Further

Senior PPC Analyst

Claire Stanley-Manock


Paid Media Director

Claire has over 15 years of digital marketing experience and knows how to navigate the complex paid media landscape to deliver incremental growth for clients. Campaigns are planned with strategic creativity and delivered with personalisation to generate cut-through, emotion, and results.

Title outline: What Google doesn’t know. Google’s AI is getting smarter every day, but it doesn’t know you or your business. Claire will walk you through how to control Google to make your campaigns work harder for you.