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Account Structure Resources

At our November event we had first time speaker Caroline Torres talk to us about account structures especially in the context of the ever evolving Paid Search landscape. It was very well received and people had different questions about structure for different industry types. So here are some links to help you understand more about account structure in 2022.

The 4 Fundamentals to a Modern Google Search Account Structure – Over the last few years search advertising has changed, in part due to the progress of Artificial Intelligence. From historical data collected, machines can predict trends and make automated decisions without any human intervention.

How to optimize account structure in an era of automation – Learn how you can maximize the positive impacts of automation while maintaining the necessary level of autonomy.

Your account structure might be hurting performance. Here’s why (and how to fix it) – Oversegmentation is often the enemy of automation. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson talks about how a fussy account structure can tank AdWords performance.

SMB PPC: A Good Account Setup Is Essential – Part 2 – In the world of PPC, limited budget accounts are like McDonalds hamburgers. Nobody ever publicly admits to interacting with them, but millions of dollars are consumed in both instances.

Less is More. Consolidation is key – Google needs to be fed with the correct data – Fewer campaigns provide better Impression Shares for your best-performing keywords.

How to Structure Your Google Ads Account in the Age of SMART Bidding – PPC Account structure is crucial for successful results. It is one of the first things we learn when we jump into the ‘PPC world’. Thus, we have to consider that mapping out our structure and grouping our campaigns according to their ROI can ensure optimal efficiency.

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