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Performance Max Resources

Welcome to the first of our link resources for topics we have covered at our events.

Performance Max chat, especially after Google Marketing Live 2024 – is blowing up. So we have collated our favourite resources shared over the past month and longer .

Performance Max Updates

Image generation Technology, high performance ads, AI powered image editing, more reporting insights, (2024) – Google updates

New features to enhance the quality of ad creatives and improve the optimization (2024) – Search Engine Land

New ways to multiply your results with Performance Max (2023) – Google updates

New Performance Max experiments have just rolled out. (2023) – Nicole Farley (Search Engine Land)

Microsoft Performance Max import updates (2022) – Nicole Farley (Search Engine Land)

Google Ads Performance Max New Features & Best Practices! (2022) – Matt Southern (Search Engine Journal)

Microsoft Launches Import Tool For Google Ads Performance Max (2022) – Matt Southern (Search Engine Journal)

7 updates coming to Google Performance Max campaigns (2022) – Greg Finn (Search Engine Land)

Performance Max Tactical Advice

The Performance Max playbook: Best practices and emerging tactics for 2024 – Navah Hopkins (Optmyzr)

How to analyze Performance Max search terms insights for PPC success – Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzr)

How to avoid 7 mistakes that tank retail Performance Max campaigns – Menachem Ani (JXTGroup)

How to set up Performance Max campaigns the right way – Menachem Ani (JXTGroup)

How to maximize insights from Performance Max – Menachem Ani (JXTGroup)

Performance Max optimization: How to improve your performance – Menachem Ani (JXTGroup)

11 Tips To Improve PERFORMANCE MAX Campaigns [Google Ads] [Video] – ZoCo Marketing

Segment Performance Max campaigns data with this script – AgencySavvy

7 Basic Performance Max Optimisations – Boris Beceric

More PMax Optimisations – Boris Beceric

Performance Max for Christmas

Making the most of Performance Max this Holiday Shopping Season – Menachaem Ani (JXTGroup)

Performance Max: 5 Effective Ways to Safeguard Your Campaigns This Holiday Season – Vimal Bharadwaj (Optmyzr)

Performance Max Holiday Season Playbook: 6 Tips to Help You Prepare for Q4 2022 – Vimal Bharadwaj (Optmyzr)

Performance Max For…

Is Google’s Performance Max Campaign a Good Choice for Small Businesses? – Steve Werronen (devEdge)

How to Run Google Performance Max Campaigns for eCommerce – Michael Block (inflow)

Performance Max Tests

My Success with Performance Max with 12x ROAS – Shahnoor Zaidi

Performance Max Q&A with Chris Ridley – PPC Live UK

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