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PPC Live At The Shard #2 | November 24th 2022

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Falling back in love with Broad MatchPetya Yildizgoren

Top Tips:

  • The quality of Broad Match has really improved in the last few years
  • Use a Broad Match only campaign with target CPA or ROAS for more relevant results
  • CTR, CVR and IS will likely go down, don’t panic!
  • Broad Match may not work for your account so check exceptions first (check the slides!)

Less is More. Consolidation is key Carolina Torres

Top tips:

  • Google needs to be fed with the correct data – Fewer campaigns provide better Impression Shares for your best-performing keywords
  • Your budget expectations can easily dictate the number of campaigns/number of keywords you can have
  • Keyword mapping can help to understand the campaigns/keywords you need
  • Consolidate your data and build your campaigns based on main KPIs, budgets and customer behaviour.

Profit Bidding: Best practicesNicolas Huber

Top Tips:

  • Ensure your business/client has a valid business model
  • Marketers need to understand the capacity for real profitable growth
  • Consider a) not advertising unprofitable products and b) separating products for growth and profit
  • Marketers need to take into consideration LTV when working for growth.

Attribution, Lifetime Value, and How To Best Understand Customer AcquisitionRussell McAthy

Top Tips:

  • The goal is to better understand what activities influence customer behaviour
  • A customer journey is more complicated than a single visit
  • Use macro and micro events to fully understand consumer engagement and final success
  • CAC, LTV, AOV…. can be misleading, do some easy maths to get a better picture (check the slides!).

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