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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Digital Marketing Event

Lockdown has taught us that it is possible to run successful online events. Videos, podcasts and webinars are available at the click of a button, providing good-quality content and interactive Q&As.

However, it has also taught us that despite all the improvements we have witnessed around these digital events, they haven’t been able to provide all the benefits and magic of face-to-face events.

Digital marketing in-person events are essential for a digital marketer’s growth and success. Not only do they help you to learn new perspectives and angles, but they also allow you to build valuable connections. Anu Adegbola has given us her top ten reasons to attend an in-person event, so ensure you add this to your goals this year.

1. The industry is in a constant state of fluctuation

Google Ads – the biggest platform in a Paid Search expert’s field – released 40 updates in 2022 alone. There needs to be a space to talk about how things are changing and how fast.

2. There is so much misinformation on the internet

Most conferences and events have vetted the people talking at their events. They aren’t faceless Twitter characters fear-mongering and spreading bad practices (because slides are vetted!)

3. It’s great to put a face to a name

Some of my favourite people who I initially chatted to online I’ve now met at conferences and events. It can be awkward to ask to meet a person you admire and most events are the perfect atmosphere to do it.

4. It helps challenge your current perspectives of paid media

Hearing another point of view or something which directly opposes your understanding, is a great way to grow and develop your critical thinking and insights into the ever-expanding search world.

5. Treat yourself

It’s challenging to step away from the 9-5, especially when it comes to making space for socializing. Events enable you to enjoy some social space whilst still being educational and focused on your working life.

6. No strings attached networking.

Networking with like-minded people in the same industry as you likely means you won’t find yourself in an unexpected sales pitch.

7. Networking is a needed skill for a marketer

It is definitely down to my network that I could secure locations for an absolute bargain for the PPC Live events, my fantastic speakers and my audience. It’s personally my most successful ROI.

8. Going to an event helps you gain confidence if you want to speak one day

If you find talking on a stage daunting – go to an event, network and meet your future audience to see they aren’t so scary and will be rooting for your future talks.

9. For freelancers – events can be invaluable

By networking, you can create your virtual team. Find other freelancers who you trust & who you can pass on work so as not to lose a relationship with a client. Plus, it is excellent for gaining clients.

10. Last but by no means least – who doesn’t like a digital marketing party?

Most of the time, free drinks & refreshments are a staple, where most lips get loose, and our shared frustrations of the industry all come flooding out. Priceless!

Want to take advantage of these 10 fantastic opportunities events give you? Make sure you come check out the next PPC Live event.

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