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Rock Stars in our Field – Jyll Saskin Gales

We’re here to shine a spotlight on the incredible PPC rockstars in our industry. And trust us, we’re not just blowing our own horn – it’s all thanks to you awesome folks who have been sending in your jaw-dropping nominations for the PPC geniuses you adore.

This time is no different, as we received an excellent commendation for Jyll Saskin Gales from a community member and brilliant cheerleader of PPC Live UKSarah Steman.

What is your relationship to Jyll?


What makes her a rockstar?

Jyll is SO kind and inspiring. First especiallt on TikTok and she helps others by making paid search easy. She is an educator at heart and to me she has become one of my closest industry friends. I love her!

Can you describe an incident that really made them stand out to you with their approach?

I very first met Jyll on a YouTube live she did with Amalia on match types. I loved it because she had no makeup on.

I know that sounds odd but as a female we are so concerned with looking perfect and Jyll just got online casually and delivered good information.

The focus is her content, the perk is that she is approachable.

What project/personal development skill are they working on that we can support?

Jyll just loves helping teach people Google Ads. That is where she shines.

Three words you would use to describe them?

Giving, smart, approachable

What have you learned from them

How to be myself and be shameless in being myself

Name a PPC strength you admire in them.

Her courage and openness and support of women and the community. She is a step ahead of me and takes the time to look back.

If you also know one of these inspiring PPC rockstars; please let us know, we all want to know about them. Let’s get the industry to say nice things about each other!

And if you want to meet some of these rock stars to learn from and share with, join our PPC Live UK events, run on the last Thursday of every other month at the early bird price of £16. Our next PPC event is on the 1st of February; before it is too late!

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