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Richard Ingilby

Richard Ingilby

Growth Marketing Consultant



Previously a paid media director who has been involved with award-winning campaigns across multiple industries, I have moved into a role focusing on wider growth whilst never losing his search-nerd habits and credentials. My combining years of paid media experience with an unhealthy interest in coding and data science has led to both a part-time master’s degree in the latter and innovative strategies in the former.

What are the pillars of PPC

SEO has its 4 pillars (or maybe 3, depending on who you ask), but what are the pillars of PPC? What are the foundational structures of our jobs?
These pillars are important. They are a way of framing our profession, to make our work understandable for key stakeholders, and to structure the training of young PPCs.
Rich hopes to use this session to present his theory of what the pillars should be. He will almost certainly be wrong. But, he hopes to use the inaugural PPC Live UK to join together and get to a conclusion on the pillars of PPC