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11 2024 PPC Predictions

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, the realm of Paid Search is poised for a transformative journey in 2024. As we embark on this new year, it’s crucial to anticipate the trends and innovations that will shape the future of Paid Search advertising.

From emerging technologies to evolving consumer behaviors, the stage is set for a captivating interplay of strategies and tactics. In this exploration of the 2024 Paid Search landscape, 10 experts gave their predictions of tactics & strategies that are set to redefine the way businesses connect with their audiences and maximize the impact of their online presence.

Exact Match

Exact Match will die – In the evolution of online advertising, Google has continually refined its algorithms and therefore make a lot of edits to how the different match types work.

From the introduction of Close Variant – Exact match has seen a major overhaul compared to what we were initially introduced to. Exact match isn’t exact anymore as Google allows people searching for similar intent terms to match to your exact match keyword now.

Is this the year Google scraps it all together and give us only one match type to work with?

Vincent Norris – Senior PPC Manager

Performance Max and Consumer Experience

Performance Max, Google’s visionary platform, will evolve into a symphony of automation, orchestrating a harmonious balance between performance and creativity. Advertisers will embrace this seamless integration, unlocking new possibilities for efficiency and scale.

Customer experience, the cornerstone of long-lasting relationships, will rise to the forefront. Advertisers will strive to create seamless customer journeys, ensuring a cohesive experience across all touchpoints, including paid search.

Veronika Höller – Global SEO Lead

Advertising Channels

Adveritsing platforms will continue to blur the distinguish between the different advertising channels.

For example:

  • Google’s Demand Gen campaign is inspired by Meta Ads with the different ad formats.
  • Twitter joining Google’s Display Network.
  • Microsoft Advertising serving Sponsored Links via Snapchat.
  • The new TikTok Search Ads Toggle feature.

All of this is already showing the early steps towards this blending of the marketing channels.

Chris Ridley – Paid Media Manager at Evoluted

Phasing out of Phrase

My prediction is that Google will announce the phasing out of phrase as a match type. With the increase in ‘close variants’ coming from phrase match queries, I suspect Google is bracing us for there imminent departure.

Fraser Andrews – Global Search Lead at Jaguar Land Rover

Cost and Automation

Costs will increase, user control will be reduced, AI will be more prevalent.

We have seen CPCs already increase in the industry and with Google themselves admitting that they quietly increase prices to meet target, that isn’t looking to change anytime soon.

We shall also see Google continue to push automation campaigns and integrating AI in all aspects of the campaigns creation, optimisations, etc.

Andrew Merrifield – Director Max-e-Biz Ltd

First Party Data, Keyword, Automation

1. First Party Data: Privacy will play an important role for advertisers and consumers, so it is crucial to collect as much first party data in privacy safe ways as you possibly can.

2. Keywords will NOT go away – at least yet.

3. AI and automation: It will be crucial to use AI where it is efficient and keep that human touch when it comes to creativity and editing.

Boris Beceric – GoogleAds Consultant & Coach

First Party Data

Importance of First-Party Data: With third-party cookies losing it’s reliability, importance of first-party data in PPC advertising is set to rise. Businesses must prioritize collecting and leveraging their unique customer data for performance scale.

Asjad Rahaman – Founder & MD @ Mad Brand

Data Privacy

2024 is going to see some sustainable growth across most industries but the death of the cookie is going to make Q3-Q4 Very challenging

Zak Macklin – Senior Data Consultant – Vervaunt

First Party Data

Expect a major shift to first-party data and conversion tracking methods, driven by evolving cookie policies. The distinct features of GA4 will reshape data analysis and decision-making processes significantly.

Tiffany Shears – Senior PPC Account Manager


We’re going to see increased focus in tracking thanks to the attention the GA4 migration has bought to reporting, as well as the need to feed AI-driven engine features accurate performance data.

It may not be everyone’s favourite task, but campaign performance will increasingly hinge on machine learning source data so it’s an important one!

Niki Grant – Paid Media Account Director @ Clicktech

AI revolution

I think the AI revolution will continue and there will be more bland copy and features leaning into this revolution.

At the same time human will get better at designing prompts to improve the answers from AI.

The real winner will be the humans who can leverage AI but lean in to the humanity in copy decision and strategy.

Sarah Steman – Founder, Sarah Steman LLC


Our experts are urging you to focus on match types, the continued impact of AI, data privacy and especially leveraging your first party data, looking out for increased costs and ensuring your tracking has been set up optimally. Either was as long as you continue to join the conversations (especially at our PPC events) you will know what you need to be paying attention to as the year goes along.

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