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Boost your conversions with these PPC optimisation techniques

As an expert PPCer, you know that continuous optimisation is the key to running successful campaigns. You can improve their performance and increase your ROI by constantly refining your campaigns.

PPC optimization involves analyzing various aspects of your campaigns such as keyword selection, ad copy, landing pages, and bid management. However, as an expert, you also know that not all optimization techniques are equal. To achieve optimal results, you need to implement the most effective techniques and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top tips for PPC optimization techniques to help you achieve better results from your campaigns. Whether you’re new to PPC advertising or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you to optimize your campaigns and achieve better results. So, let’s dive in!

To celebrate this International Women’s History Month, we have asked five women experts in the field to share their best practices and advice; please, welcome to the stage:

Sophie Logan – Head of Paid Media at Victress Digital,

Thuha Wright – PPC Specialist

Chloe Varnfield – PPC Specialist

Armina Fareed – PPC Specialist

Veronica Ruiz – PPC Specialist

My top PPC optimisation technique to boost conversions is….

Sophie Logan – For Lead Gen accounts – exclude current customers or hot leads from seeing your ads by using customer list exclusions. Making sure your budget isn’t being spent on current customers (people looking to log in, read support documentation, contact support…), means that it can go towards the type of engagement which is going to generate Conversions, not just traffic!

Thuha Wright – I’m cheating and sharing two.

  1. Find a way to keep track of your optimisation changes you make regularly particularly if you are making changes where you can’t use the Experiments tool. Some people use a notebook, Excel or Google Sheets. Find whatever works for you. I’ve set up a database on Notion with changes I’ve made, a note on what metrics I hope will change from and to. I also set an alarm to notify me to check in two weeks. This also is useful to remind me not to make too many changes at once! Otherwise, you don’t know what really helped with conversions.
  2. The conversion path report in GA4 is useful to see how particular campaigns play in a customer journey. Just because a campaign may not directly lead to a conversion, it may have played an important role.

Chloe Varnfield – If the account has had various managers, check and double-check all negative keywords to make sure nothing has been added by mistake!

Clicking and excluding search terms would not be the way I would optimise and it also opens you up to mistakes!

Armina Fareed – I have seen huge success in campaign performance and an increase in relevant conversions by creating campaigns that target customers at every stage of their journey. This includes crafting personalized ad copy and landing pages that speak directly to the intended audience. Additionally, setting the correct campaign objective, such as increasing website traffic or generating sales leads, is vital to achieving desired outcomes. Proper tracking is also necessary to enable the algorithm to learn and optimize towards the desired conversions. This ensures optimal campaign performance and delivers the desired results.

Veronica Ruiz – Location optimization can significantly impact the success of your campaigns. By targeting specific geographic regions, you can better reach your target audience and increase your chances of conversion. Don’t trust only Google Ads data; use Google Analytics and internal business data to analyze conversions from all channels. You may be able to identify locations that are doing great in organic/affiliates/direct that you can boost on your Google Ads campaigns. Adjusting bids, ad copy, and targeting parameters based on location can help maximize your ROI and overall campaign performance.

If you have a top tip you would like to share with us, please fill in this form and we will add it to this post.

About our experts:

Name: Sophie Logan

About you: Sophie is the Head of Paid Media at Victress Digital, a PPC and Social Media agency based in Nottingham, UK.


Name: Thuha Wright

About you: PPC Specialist in Travel


Name: Chloe Varnfield

About you: A PPC Specialist passionate about taking SME businesses to the next level with online advertising.


Name: Armina Fareed

About you: With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and marketing analytics, Armina Fareed, a PPC specialist, leverages her expertise to drive results.

Name: Veronica Ruiz

About you: Digital Marketing Consultant specialised in Paid Media


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